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Tokaido Kumite Hayate JKA

The Hayate (NST) is manufactured with our new weaving process and consists equal parts of cotton and polyester thus belongs to our super-lightweight Kumite competition models with an European cut.


Excellent karate gi for Kumite Professionals.
Lightweight mixed fabrics developed specifically for competitions, weight only 8 oz.
Robust material. Even if we do not wish it to you, but should it be ripped on your suit, the tensile strength of the TOKAIDO HAYATE would be of big advantage.
TOKAIDO – typically comfortable wearing with high mobility. Ideal for quick and nimble Kumite techniques.
The suit was especially designed to be airy and to dry quickly. At the same time it has the property of being comfortable on the skin.
Breathable. Due to the air permeable fabrics of the suit, even by heavy sweating it doesn´t adhere to the skin.
Pants with lacing .
Developed with the Tokaido «pre-shrunk» procedure, the suit is hardly shrinking while washing. Even after many washes it is still preserving it´s form.
No «insight», in principle «opaque». Even if the suit is wet after intensive training, you don´t have the feeling of being naked.
Individual embroidery, the suit fits perfectly for individual embroideries.
It includes jacket and pants.

Vekt 2 kg
Dimensjoner 11 × 11 × 11 cm
Velg størrelse

150cm, 160cm, 170cm, 180cm, 190cm, 200cm


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